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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Despair and Joy

One of the reasons most of us reluctant to confront the aspect of destiny called fate because of we are afraid it will lead us into despair. Despair is often a necessary prelude to the greatest achievement.

Despair can lead to highly constructive action. Despair can be a “giving up” and a “letting go” of problems that had been solidifying since one was an infant. In this sense despair plays the constructive role reserved for it.

Despair is nothing other letting go of false hopes, of pretended loves, of empty conformism which serves only to make one behave like sheep huddling in a flock because they fear the wolves outside the circle.

When a person has “hit rock bottom” he then can surrender to eternal forces; this is the dynamic in all authentic conversions. I would describe this process as giving up the delusion of false hopes and, thus, acknowledging fully the facts of destiny. Then and only then can this person begin to rebuild himself. It is a hypothesis that freedom begins only when we confront destiny. This is why we believe more firmly in the dignity and the nobility of being human. After despair, the one thing left is possibility.

There are many description about happiness and joy. However one of the them saying that happiness is finding a system of rules which solves our problems and joy is taking the risk that is necessary to break new frontiers. Joy is the experience of possibility, the consciousness of one’s freedom as one confronts one’s destiny.

We all stand on the edge of life, each moment comprising that edge. Before us is only possibility. This means the future is open. Despair is the beginning of human consciousness and all of the joys that that opens to us.

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