Friday, August 18, 2017

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Weird Tricks That Makes Potty Training Easy…

  How much money would you save this year if you never had to buy diapers again?… Diapers are expensive and even if you put that Costco membership to use and buy them in bulk, the yearly costs of keeping your child in diapers can all add up to a car or mortgage payment …right? Which is money down the “toilet” I’m sure you …

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family time

What does Christmas mean to you?

Today we are entering the month of December, along the shopping mall we started to see hanging a lot of Christmas decorations and more and more shops selling Christmas stuff too. For my children, the wait is interminable because it is a time for them to find gifts. The season does bring wonder and magic into their lives. We lavish on …

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Are you kind of person who is having a high expectation?

  EXPECTATION!!! Are you wishing to have a beautiful wife? personal wealth? a big house? a sparkling career? So on so forth….  Awesome…. most of us hoping that everything are so beautiful or so nice or easy to have it or everything have been placed nicely for us. Let us go back to our real world for now. What is the frequency we meet a genuinely a fully happy …

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