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Sunday, February 25, 2018

What you need to do when you out of job and no money?

During economic recession, a lot of people trapped by their monthly salary. They cannot afford to switch job or get laid due to just barely enough to squeak by. For some people have to face a great challenges because the company asked them to leave during economic recession. But live still must go on. Get a new job? Yes. That would be immediate respond in mind. Would it be easy to get the job what we want? Would it be immediate we can get it? The answer is NO. So what’s next? No other choice, we would come to the agreement that we have to reduce expenses.

Literally taking a step to reduce the expenses would build up certain level of stress situation specially. It would increase if  have a family challenges, health problem, car breakdown, so on and so forth. It could be a bad shape. Taking responsibility is the important step we have to take. It does not matter if someone screwed you or you have low education, etc. There is no point dwell on it because no one could turn back a time and by doing so would not change the situation become better in anyway. Just let it go!!! Clear your mind and put everything down first. We have to take responsibility as 100% of our financial and not even up to 99%. No… it must be 100% if we really want to improve the situation. Hold our responsibility not share responsibility by split into half (50-50) even in the family.

Responsibility is indivisible or undivided. Simply we take fully responsibility or we don’t. Think it a moment….  I know the idea of assuming responsibility may sound a bit cliche at first, but seriously this is where the vast majority of people will fail. Put this is as a guidelines in your mind from this moment onwards that anything less than 100% is the same as 0% when it comes to responsibility. You can’t allow yourself the “out” of blaming the world, the economy, your spouse’s failings, or some other factor for their inability to get better results.

Taking responsibility is not about blaming yourself or looking what has happened in the past. Instead it is taking control over your current situation. Accept the truth that if anything is going to change, your will must be the force that changes it. You can’t take any full control of your life if you are having attitude of remain in denial of even a smidgeon of your responsibility. Remember that it does not mean you must able to control every circumstances. It is your ability to choose what and how to response. We were born with a brain and we have a capacity and capability to do something different. Be creative. Put yourself in the state of accepting that if your situation is to change at all, then it’s all on you, or it will never happen.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” — Thomas Jefferson

This is just the first step. I will share in my next article!!!

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