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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Obese vs Overweight

One of my friends shared about her own life experience and she considered herself as overweight. She was 5ft and during last Christmas weighed 60kg. She didn’t remember about having salads or steamed vegetables during her childhood. Main meal would most of time consist of meat, deep-fried, rice, potatoes or pasta. She said that her exercise only during PE. So her honesty said that she grew up on carbs and doing almost no exercise. It has caused made her as an adult always crave carbohydrates, bread can make her change her route from work and get a fresh loaf of bread.

There are many ways to differentiate between obese and overweight, one of them is by calculating the BMI (Body Mass Index) value. For us to declare as healthy by reading our BMI index value in the range between18 to 25. If it is between 25-30 is considered as over-weights and over 30 as obese. The medical explanation of obese is excess fat storage. Higher BMI more likely to develop other illnesses that related being over-weight as example high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, infertility, even cancer, etc. Someone ever asked me that can you be obese and healthy? The short answer is, of course, NO. Think that obesity itself is an illness, so you right there you already know. Most of us know; obviously, how much our weight depends on how much we eat and how much energy we burn. So now what is your daily workout?


There is not just one way to lose weight same like the following program I would recommend:

Which one is best or fit for me? Great question. This is pretty similar if a run is the best way or fit for me to exercise. There is not just one solution; everyone has his or her own preferences or taste. There is nothing one better than another but what fits for you and you would do the most to achieve the lose weight. Finally, I would share this quotation for your motivation to achieve in losing weight.

ACTION is the magic word for today because yesterday is the past, and tomorrow is the unknown future.

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