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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Getting a beautiful wife

Beautiful is a word that say by itself. Getting beautiful wife commonly what most of man wanted to. What does beautiful means? Different people would say differently because of uniqueness. There are two kinds of beautiful which are outer and inner.

As the saying goes Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It means you as an individual with a strong sense of self. As humans we all tend share a lot of similar traits, so many men find the hourglass figure beautiful in terms of finding a mate.

Personally I think it’s when beauty gets combined with a level of conviction and ferociousness. It’s more of when you see it, you know it’s beautiful because it’s realistic, so much present that you can’t ignore or forget it. Major crisis moments are hauntingly beautiful. People start helping each other in major crisis. Storms are  beautiful in that way. I actually think when mass level people comes down to do one single thing, with a common focus, that’s when things start getting hauntingly beautiful.

Below could be some reasons from men perspective and he said that she is beautiful

  • The woman looks like someone you find attractive and wears clothing that you find attractive
  • She opens verbal responses and her body language leave to infer about her intelligence and personality, thus giving more information beyond her visual appearance
  • She acts independent of others or she is a leader and intrigued by an intelligent, independent or dominant women
  • He see her so often that become comfortable seeing her but also possibly comfortable with your own thoughts about her
  • He could be adding/augmenting her personality by “filling in the gaps” when you think about her and perhaps this gives you a more whole picture of her and one that is very compatible with you

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