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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Growing in life

GROWTH. This powerful word “GROWTH” is not unusual word instead it is very commons and we may heard it couple times before. When we do gardening and if the plants do not grow what we will do? Either we google it to find out what went wrong or commonly we simply choose to cut it away. Growth is very unique word. In life to be a better human being, we must grow in character. Those who in marriage life, in order to be a better spouse must grow in relationship. In our career, to advance it then we must grow in our skill. In order for us to discover our purpose, we must grow in self-awareness. For enriching our soul, we must grow spiritually too. There are many others thing.

Growth; it will not happen over the night suddenly. There is no a magic pill can make it happen over the night, it will go through a process likewise we plant mostly start from put a seed. That seed will not grow over the night like what we ever heard from a fairy tale Jake and the magic bean. We must make some efforts in order to let it grow. One word called “ACTION”. There is an action must be done in order to grow and work. By sit down and hoping and praying for something to happen without taking any action at all, we named it as a “DREAM”.

I have tried very hard in many different ways but it still does not bear any fruits. Then how? What I should do?



First of all, the road or path that we have to go through is not as smooth as what we think of. In whatever reason we could think, one thing that we need to understand that we must take ownership of everything in our life because that is part of growing. YES RIGHT; it is easy to say it but when come to do it are not the same and most of time it opposite direction. We learnt that growth itself is a process that the journey most of times is very painful. If it is very pain so what? NO PAIN NO GAIN. Continuity and passion to keep review and review and review again from what we have done and learnt again and again and keep on try again until “SUCCESS“. The GREATNESS will come only when you DON’T QUIT.

Then how many times I should try?

Nobody could define it but the determination and drive to reach out your goal and make it become the fuel from keep on moving and trying until you ACHIEVE IT. How many times Thomas A. Edison tried until he successfully made himself as an inventor of light bulb? Did anybody tell him that he will success after 1000 times? What happen if he decided to stop from trying after failure for 100 times? Once we are able to achieve our goal successfully, in fact we have grown.

I would say by end of the day it is really “WORTHY” by doing it or taking an action for growth. The plus point it would unlock our “TRUE POTENTIAL” door and sometimes we would think that we could ever do that. Through learning and growing every day over the course of time, you will be astounded by how far it will take you.

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