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Sunday, February 25, 2018

What does Christmas mean to you?

Today we are entering the month of December, along the shopping mall we started to see hanging a lot of Christmas decorations and more and more shops selling Christmas stuff too. For my children, the wait is interminable because it is a time for them to find gifts. The season does bring wonder and magic into their lives. We lavish on our children is important to their understanding and enjoyment of Christmas.

During Christmas day is also family time and togetherness, it will be incomplete without using the word ‘togetherness’. However, that it is not just about being together, it is about showing love and generosity to each other. Remember that there is no point to being together if the time is used to debate and argue about things that happened in the past. Christmas is an excellent time to show your children how families can respect each other.

Yes, Christmas is a pagan holiday. I hope during this Christmas is a time for everyone just appreciate people. We give presents that show we care and we’ve put some thought into what makes them happy.

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