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Sunday, February 25, 2018


How to measure your life?

This question look so simple and yet so simple. The problem in our lives don’t always map neatly to theories on  a one-to-one basis. For example of Bernoulli’s thinking was a significant breakthrough, such as understanding gravity and resistance and explain in full about the flight. This is like strapping on wings and feather which incredibly alluring. As Clayton mentioned that …

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Are you kind of person who is having a high expectation?

  EXPECTATION!!! Are you wishing to have a beautiful wife? personal wealth? a big house? a sparkling career? So on so forth….  Awesome…. most of us hoping that everything are so beautiful or so nice or easy to have it or everything have been placed nicely for us. Let us go back to our real world for now. What is the frequency we meet a genuinely a fully happy …

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Despair and Joy

One of the reasons most of us reluctant to confront the aspect of destiny called fate because of we are afraid it will lead us into despair. Despair is often a necessary prelude to the greatest achievement. Despair can lead to highly constructive action. Despair can be a “giving up” and a “letting go” of problems that had been solidifying since one was …

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Asking the Right Question!!!

QUESTION!!! There are many variance of questions everyday in our daily life. One of the question that unanswerable…. Why does this always happen with me? One of the question that will lead to negative answer…. Why are you so stupid? One of the question that put them in the same negative position…. Why do you always do this to me? …

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Unlock Your Dream

Unlock your dream and discover your true potential.

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Growing in life

GROWTH. This powerful word “GROWTH” is not unusual word instead it is very commons and we may heard it couple times before. When we do gardening and if the plants do not grow what we will do? Either we google it to find out what went wrong or commonly we simply choose to cut it away. Growth is very unique word. In life to …

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